The Science of Water

We think restructured water is a big idea. The VICUS process is designed to restore and enhance water’s original properties. Using natural quartz, our unique process recreates the water clusters found in nature. Our scientific measurements confirm that the process of restructuring changes the water. As members of the Applied Water Physics research group, VICUS is pursuing a scientific research program that will be independent, validated and peer-reviewed to better understand the restructuring process and its effects on living systems.

Water is not just a liquid. It is a liquid crystal. The beautiful and familiar crystals that form snowflakes and ice are present in all the water in nature. They are far too tiny to see, but they definitely influence how water works. That is because every water molecule is built like a tiny battery. A dipole. The way that hydrogen and oxygen atoms bind together in water creates a structure that is unique. And it has unique properties that have played a critical role in making life on Earth possible. A dipole is anything that has a positive end and a negative end. This makes water molecules pull and tug on each other. They are constantly vibrating, but the hydrogen bonding that holds water molecules together can build them into geometric shapes called water clusters.

Water clusters are buzzing together in resonance, and the sound of that buzzing is an echo of the shape they have taken. It is a dance of matter and energy, one that modern physics has revealed as a deep and beautiful truth of nature. Individual water molecules pop in and out of these clusters, remaining for only a femtosecond or two, but the shape of the cluster persists - and the song remains the same In nature, the buzzing of water takes its cue from the crystalline crust of the Earth. The silicon of quartz is present in that crust, but it is only one instrument in the symphony of minerals that makes up the buzzing bedrock of our planet.

Modern water treatment systems and chemicals such as ozone and chlorine have changed history and saved millions of lives by making our water safe to drink, but their effect is not only chemical, it is also physical, meaning how water molecules are structured. Ozone, which is used to make all bottled water, is a highly charged particle that discharges all of its energy into water. This electric shock can shatter the natural clusters that formed when it fell as rain and was naturally structured in the Earth.

VICUS is Re-structured using a novel process that harnesses the energy of ozone to reshape water by resonance with quartz. This simple, elegant process creates a bottled water with a unique taste and feel, a water that physical tests confirm to be measurably different. While there are many ways to restructure water, this one really works. And it lasts. VICUS is restructured water. We think that makes it better water, but until we have clinical evidence, we can’t say for sure. What we do know is that VICUS seems to have a spark that makes us feel good.

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