in every drop


Taste & Feel

Smooth and silky.



Alkaline pH and electrolyte balance.



Living water restored to its original properties.


& Energy

Enlivens and promotes flow.

Water As Nature Intended

Working closely with scientists, we provide water as nature intended to ensure that VICUS really is restructured water. Perfect for anyone who seeks wellness, performance or simply wants the best. Feel good about the water you drink.

Water reshaped by quartz

VICUS water is made from 100% naturally alkaline spring water, but it is restructured by a process that harnesses tHe power of ozone to create water reshaped by quartz. Water as it’s meant to be.

We use science to bring

water back to life.

We think restructured water is a big idea. The VICUS process is designed to restore and enhance water’s original properties. Using natural quartz, our unique process recreates the water clusters found in nature. Our scientific measurements confirm that the process of restructuring changes the water.